The arrival of fall means Halloween is approaching. This holiday, celebrated on October 31, is not very popular in France compared to other countries such as Ireland or the United States. However, it remains a good opportunity to get together and have fun. This festival does not only concern children. Celebrating this holiday with colleagues at work can be beneficial, as long as it is well organized.

The benefits and elements to consider for a successful Halloween party

Celebrate Halloween: why?

Employees interact with each other on a professional basis on a daily basis, and do not necessarily know each other very well personally. Celebrating an event together helps strengthen team spirit, improve relationships and create links. The working environment will only be better. This contributes to the well-being of employees , who will then be more motivated and relaxed. In addition, candy and Halloween costumes allow you to relax more.

Respect the rules

Relaxed atmosphere or not, the rules of the company must always be respected and the limits surpassed. But first of all, it’s important to learn about the company’s Halloween policy. Can it be celebrated during or outside working hours? Up to what point (decoration allowed but no disguise for example)?

Decorate the premises

The premises can be decorated with objects in autumn colors (fake leaves, wood), with balloons, pumpkins, fake cobwebs… and anything reminiscent of Halloween. The atmosphere should be pleasant and reasonably scary.

Choose the right disguise

The essential Halloween element: the disguise. Be careful, however, to choose it well. It is important that it is not too bloody, too shocking, too sexy, disrespectful (towards a religion, a culture, reference to a delicate subject). It should also be ensured that it is practical (for traveling, answering the phone for example) and comfortable. The goal is not to do too much, but simply to participate. If you are celebrating during work time, take these tips all the more into consideration, especially if you are entertaining the public.